My Philosophy

I believe that we all fundamentally possess everything necessary to live full and rewarding lives and participate fully in the systems we live and work in. We have the ingredients to meet our needs, build meaningful relationships, achieve our goals, and do the work we need to do. This is the core of who we are. 


I also know that the core of us seems to get covered up as we try to deal with all of the things that we experience in our lives. Whether in our personal relationships, in our experiences at work and in society, or as we face overwhelming challenges, we develop patterns or parts of ourselves to cope with what we face.  As an individual, our work together is to support you in uncovering that core self while respecting and repurposing those patterns and parts that "get in the way." As an organization, our work is to explore the relationship between this individual work and the larger system each individual is a part of.

And what I know more than anything is that every single thing we do - every part and every pattern - is grounded in the desire to take care of ourselves or others.

This work is not about bypassing the difficulties, getting rid of patterns, transcending to some kind of suffering-less realm, or even accessing your "higher self."  It is also not an attempt to remove your personal process from the context of your relationships, society, or any system you are a part of.


What we do together is about connecting to your center.  From there, you can begin to understand your patterns and parts, find new ways to use that energy in order to move toward the life you want, and increase your sense of choice around how you respond to your relationships and environments.   You can begin to step more fully into all aspects of your life with a greater sense of confidence, ease, and self-efficacy.

My job is simply to be a guide in this process, to be a sort of mirror, and to provide tools and support along the way.  To that end, I rely strongly on mindfulness-based practices, parts work, communication skills, and personalized and effective ways of working with goals.

About Me

My journey to becoming a mindfulness-based coach started early.  As a child, I was always interested in why people were the way they were and how we could become more caring, connected, and effective in the world.  As a teenager and into my early twenties, I focused that energy on social and environmental issues, taking leadership roles and spearheading initiatives in both high school and college.   During that time, I learned about mindfulness and decided to bring my systems-level understanding of the world to the interpersonal level and study mindfulness-based counseling psychology.


My passion for systems and organizations led me to work as a therapist in agencies where I found myself drawn to leadership roles. At different times, I held roles as a manager, supervisor, and assistant director. In all of these positions, mindfulness played a distinctive role in how I related to myself, others, the work that we were doing, and the systems in which we were working. From facilitating staff meetings to managing logistical nightmares, it was my reliance on mindfulness that carried me and my teams through those experiences. On an organizational level, being able to pause and respond rather than simply react allowed us to tap into the wisdom of the group and create a more effective foundation for the tangible work that needed to be done.

Both in my own personal work and in my work with clients, students, coworkers, and supervisees, I have seen over and over again the incredible outcomes of connecting with all of the aspects of who we are, including our core self. This connection can free us to build on the resources we intrinsically have in order to be fully in our lives and move effectively toward our goals.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that while I have training and background as a mental health professional, I do not provide services under the title of psychotherapist, counselor, therapist, or any other mental healthcare professional. My scope of practice does not include the diagnosis and/or treatment of any mental health condition.

Education and Certifications

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MA Contemplative Psychotherapy
Naropa University, July 2014

BA Environmental Policy and Hispanic Studies
College of William & Mary, May 2010

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  • Coaching for Self-Leadership - Internal Family Systems (IFS)

  • Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

  • Mindful Mood Balance - Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

  • Certified Addiction Counselor Training:

    • Motivational Interviewing I-III​

    • Pharmacology I

    • Principles of Addiction Treatment

    • Clinical Supervision I

  • CBT-based training for substance use

  • Introduction to Somatic Experiencing

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Training

  • The Art & Science of Liberation: Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Awakening the Core Self: An Introduction to the Hakomi Method

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Work Experience:

I have six years of experience as a clinical therapist, three of which I also worked as a supervisor for interns. I also worked as a manager and assistant clinical director. While acting as a therapist, due to the nature of my work and my clients' needs, much of our work together fell into the realm of coaching. Specifically, I supported clients to understand ways to integrate their insights and increased self-understanding into their daily lives - how to move from understanding to taking concrete steps forward toward their goals.

I have significant experience working with people who are in recovery and those who have experienced trauma. I also have substantial experience in leadership roles.

For the last two years, I have worked as a language and communication coach for English language learners, honing my skills of applying mindfulness to support clients in making progress toward their goals, such as increased connection and self-expression.

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